The murder of Olof Palme: New evidence on Disinformation Agents

Now we have the evidence:
Professional  American Disinformation Agents
Sabotaged the Investigation into the Murder of UN:s peace – mediator and Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

* This is the first part of a series of articles in  that based on extensive investigation and analysis will show that the murder of Olof Palme was a state-controlled operation.

* In our work, we have i. a. studied murders of state leaders around the world since World War II, and collected knowledge about the operational aspects associated with planning, preparations, implementation, and post-murder operations. In all these phases, the intelligence services make use of their own disinformants. The deception often has as a consequence that the investigation based on their information is wrecked, interrupted or entirely closed. This is also the intention.

* A disinformation strategy may also include using disinformation that actively sabotages the murder investigation as such, and causes such damage that finding the solution to the murder becomes almost impossible.

* Several examples of this kind will be put into evidence with regard to the investigation of the Palme murder.

1. They were part of a team of people who knew each other and worked towards a common goal to sabotage the murder investigation, with three different stories.

2. We can link the group to US intelligence.

3. They were protected by the FBI when the Palme Investigation Group submitted inquiries about two of them. The FBI did its utmost to cover up known information, and lied to the Swedish Murder Investigation Group.

4. As a disinformation team, they were tasked to continue disturbing and sabotaging the Investigation Group as long as possible.

5. Their superiors had in advance decided that the two of them who identified the CIA as guilty of the murder of the PM at a convenient time would be revealed as fakes. This would raise the threshold for continued investigation directed towards the CIA in general, and cause internal conflicts within the Investigation Group.

One of the professional  American Disinformation Agents presented in our investigation is Robert Harkavy. He was a professor at Pennsylvania State University, one of the state’s two largest universities. His background and work is so extensive and impressive that it immediately was clear that we are not dealing with a typical liar and deceiver. What made a man of this calibre, who had been so much trusted and had so extensive competence and knowledge, engage in disinformation and activities against Swedish authorities?

The CV shows that Harkavy throughout his career was highly integrated in the entire US military and security establishment. His work focused on conflicts and wars in the Third World, low intensity warfare, psychological warfare, etc. from an official US point of view. His work has been based on information from and engagement for the military and civilian US intelligence services. There is therefore reason to believe that Harkavy has had access to the deepest secrets of the American defence and security establishment.

The Commission’s (Granskningskommissionens report 1999) main discussion about Harkavy can be found in the report’s pages 504-508. It appears that he was allowed to keep up with his activities from January 1990 until March 1995.

”The discussion about Professor Robert H. speaks for itself. Robert H. must realistically be regarded as a disinformant, and has as such been allowed to draw excessively on the investigative capacity. The Investigation Group could at a fairly early stage have discarded his information. Instead, they conducted long conversations with him, thereby taking resources from the investigation. In this case, as well as for other disinformants, we miss the Police’s professional assessment about the informant’s capability, reliability and credibility.”

The other two men in our investigation is William Herrmann and Oswald LeWinter – living an unlikely double life.

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